Andy Yang

Andy Yang was born in Malaysia in 1973. He is  a multi-disciplinary artist known for his abstract visual and sound experimentations. His explorations between visual art and music led him to the creation of works under musical stimuli with The Observatory. In Anitya 1 (2011) at the Earl Lu Gallery of the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore, the process of his art-making cycle was exposed in full, from the point of creation to destruction. In his latest ArtScience Late feature at the ArtScience Museum, the work Ceremony (2019) produced together with SAtheCollective, saw the artist celebrate the experiences of human childbirth through an energetic sound performance set against an elaborate visual art installation. Andy was also one of the key artists (in a select group of 8) who presented DE:VOTED (2020) a critically acclaimed immersive art experience at Helutrans for Singapore Art Week 2020—one which featured an intense communion with light, sound, and performance art.

Projects on AR.T City

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