In a triumph of creativity and innovation over environmental adversity, 20 Singaporean artists were brought together by The MeshMinds Foundation to share their visions for the sustainable development of people and our planet through a unique online only exhibition. Featuring original artworks with the theme of ‘Sustainable Singapore’ and the Sustainable Development Goals, the exhibition was the first-of-its-kind with artworks being produced with the help of Procreate and other digital tools.

Each artist used AR app Artivive to apply layers of animated storytelling to static artworks in order to draw attention to various environmental issues affecting Singapore and the world at large. Ranging from quick loops to complex narrative stories, each piece delivers a thought-provoking message on a diverse range of environmental themes and issues.

The coronavirus is believed to have originated at wildlife markets and was transmitted to humans as a result of the proximity between wildlife and people. The MeshMinds Foundation believes that we can use knowledge, creativity and innovation to drive transformation in all sectors of society and that we now have the chance of a lifetime to transform the way we live for a sustainable future.

With the support of the National Arts Council (NAC), and in partnership with Artivive, The MeshMinds Foundation invited the best and brightest artists from Singapore to express their creativity and share their visions using AR art for the sustainable development of people and our planet.

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‘Sustainable Singapore’ is best viewed on a desktop or laptop with the free Artivive app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone.

If you like what you see, order a limited edition print direct from the artist.

Download the free WhatsApp sticker pack by going to this link on your smartphone:

How can we expect a future that’s familiar,
If we cannot stop to consider:
Conservation is possible without cages,
Survival should not be a squeeze,
And appreciation can happen from an arm’s length.
Mother Earth guards a fragile balance.
Often, she’s thrown off by our interference.
Her resources can sustain our large communities;
Accommodate our urban fantasies.
What would happen if we worked them beyond their maturity?
Imagine our world without their chatter?
Devoid of life? Simply lacklustre.
Let’s reframe our mindset;
Begin to loosen our control;
Find a force within;
And learn to let go.
When what's left disappears too,
Will we go looking for fish in space?
Without nature, there is no future.
It is the backbone of our great reset.

Paradise Lost

Ella Zheng
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Sea World

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André Wee
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Tight Squeeze

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Animal Balloons

Howie Kim
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The Secret Garden City

Darel Seow
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The Plight of the Sea Turtle

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(‘饮水思源’ translates to ‘being grateful’)

Jayne Ong
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Run Pangolin Run

Jerry Teo
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Time Will Tell

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Macaw Clock - Out of Time

Ernest Goh
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The Quiet Revenge

Andy Yang
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Man is a Map

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Love Can Save The World

Slimy Oddity
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To Have And To Hold

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Ocean of Devotion

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You Can’t Find Fish in Space

Alfonsus Wong
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Bio Diverse City

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Spiral Cycle

Tristan Lim
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