Ernest Goh

Ernest Goh is the founder of Ayer Ayer, an ecologically-engaged art project that reaches out to communities through visual, experiential, and participatory artworks in art and science. In 2019, Ernest looked at the complications of ocean plastic pollution in Singapore. The artist also created The Animal Book Co., a photography-based project that explores natural history and wildlife. Ernest’s animal portraits have been published in The Fish Book (2011), Cocks (2013, republished as Chickens in the US in 2015), and The Gift Book (2014). He presented an exhibition, Breakfast at 8 Jungle at 9 (Objectifs – Centre for photography and Film, Singapore, 2015), exploring the famed British explorer and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace’s time in Singapore and the Asian region in the 1850s.

Projects on AR.T City

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